Knowledge Graph Services

KBpedia is a broad, encompassing knowledge structure suitable as a starting point for many problems. However, for a given individual domain or problem, KBpedia may lack the detail and specificity ultimately needed. In these circumstances, Cognonto provides services in knowledge graph (or "ontology") building.


These services can range from relatively straightforward extensions of the KBpedia structure to the development of entirely new knowledge graphs. Cognonto's principals have more than two decades of experience in ontology building and are acknowledged experts in the field.

Somewhat akin to Cognonto's schema mapping services, a multitude of resources may be brought to bear to the knowledge graph development task. KBpedia is an obvious starting point, given its coverage of the largest public knowledge bases in existence. Existing schema within the organization, explicit and implicit, may be leveraged. Tables of content are good sources, as are other public ontologies and schema for open datasets. Sufficient grist resides within every organization and in the knowledge of its members to construct meaningful knowledge graphs applicable to specific needs. The same logic, consistency, and coherency tests applied to Cognonto's mapping services are brought to bear to ensure the quality of the new knowledge graph.

If to be used broadly, and certainly if to be used publicly, there are best practices that Cognonto follows to help ensure the longevity and interoperability of the knowledge graph. As systems that adhere to the open world assumption, Cognonto's knowledge graphs can also be built incrementally. An incremental approach means that portions can be built and used quite quickly, with expansion based on actual use and budget.

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