Dedicated SaaS

Though traditional software as a service (SaaS) has left much to be desired in the areas of entity tagging, extraction and classification, a dedicated SaaS approach can overcome nearly all of the weaknesses. Traditional SaaS weaknesses include confusing pricing, reliance on generic-only taggers, back-end access limited to APIs, and a lack of being able to target specific domain needs.


Cognonto's dedicated SaaS overcomes these weaknesses by providing full access and control on your own dedicated cloud server. You control all rights, with access either via APIs or programmatically. Proprietary data and applications can be readily included. We can also tie in access to your own taggers, extractors or classifiers. There are no access or usage limits on your dedicated SaaS; server requirements are based on your actual or projected demand.

Each dedicated SaaS instance also has full and unrestricted access to KBpedia and its constituent knowledge bases of Wikipedia, Wikidata, OpenCyc, DBpedia, GeoNames, and UMBEL. Cognonto offers a variety of dedicated SaaS services and agreements, with terms as short as one month.

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