Data Preparation & Staging

While KBpedia is generically valuable out-of-the-box, the most significant value to enterprises may arise from combining KBpedia with domain and proprietary data. Such data may include other public databases, but also internal, customer, product, partner, industry, or research information.


Data may range from unstructured text in documents to semi-structured tags or metadata to spreadsheets or fully structured databases. The formats of the data may range from hundreds of document types to all flavors of spreadsheets and database formats.

These data need to be prepared, sometimes transformed, and staged into the input forms used by the Cognonto Platform. Transformations, in the most demanding forms, may include language or unit conversions.

Cognonto provides complete services across the ETL (extract, transform, load) pipeline to stage such input data, or can work with the output of leading ETL applications. These data preparation and staging services are often pursued in conjunction with our schema mapping and integration services.

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