Content Harvesters/Publishers

The Cognonto Platform has a harvester option to ingest content from a wide variety of document types;[1] databases and structured info; or Web pages, sources, and RSS feeds. Each source may have its own update schedule.


Upon ingest, all content is tagged according to KBpedia and your local knowledge graph, given a relevance score, and converted to structured form for querying, publishing or export, including as linked data. This structured information, including source text if a document, may then be semantically organized and automatically published as fully interlinked, dynamic Web pages. Output may also be directed through our data preparation and staging services for full incorporation into your local knowledge base.

Publishing and Web site update schedules are all configurable. All content and structured metadata are searchable. Typical uses include competitor tracking, tailored news sites, or navigable Web content aggregation.

The resulting Web content sites may be made public or private (with varying access rights). We frequently work with third parties for site and graphic design.

Please contact us to inquire about your needs. Or, return to the main Cognonto Services page.

1.We can detect and extract metadata and text from over a thousand different file types (such as PPT, XLS, and PDF).