Cognonto Releases Seventh Use Case; Topic is Extending KBpedia



CORALVILLE, IA (1/12/2017) - Cognonto, the new venture in knowledge-based artificial intelligence, today released the seventh use case in its series of how to leverage its KBpedia knowledge structure. The topic of the use case is using machine intelligence to extend the concepts in KBpedia based on mappings to Wikipedia categories.

"We apply new and unique machine learning techniques to expand KBpedia by thousands of new concepts drawn from Wikipedia," said Frédérick Giasson, Cognonto's CTO. "To our knowledge, this is the first time these new techniques have been applied in this manner, which is also applicable to extending Kbpedia with other domain or external schema or vocabularies," he said. Giasson noted that these new mapping techniques save 95% of the time of conventional approaches.

Knowledge graphs are under constant change and need to be extended with specific domain information for particular enterprise purposes. The combinatorial aspects of adding new external schema or concepts to an existing store of concepts can be extensive. Effective means at acceptable time and cost must be found for enhancing or updating these knowledge graphs.

These KBpedia extensions are made using a SVM classifier trained over graph-based embedding vectors generated using the DeepWalk method. Means are put in place to test and optimize the parameters used in the machine learning methods. The overall process is captured by a repeatable pipeline with statistical reporting, enabling rapid refinements in parameters and methods to achieve the best-performing model. The methods in this use case can be applied to multiple areas.

The seven uses cases now documented on the Cognonto site are:

Each use case presents detailed results and statistics, including sample code where appropriate. Giasson noted that Cognonto will be publishing still further use cases in the future.

About Cognonto

Cognonto (a portmanteau of 'cognition' and 'ontology') exploits large-scale knowledge bases and semantic technologies for machine learning, data interoperability and mapping, and fact and entity extraction and tagging. Cognonto Corp. is privately held and is based in Coralville, Iowa, USA, with offices in Québec City, Québec, Canada.

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