Cognonto Expands Knowledge Graph Search



CORALVILLE, IA (10/24/2016) — Cognonto, the new venture in knowledge-based artificial intelligence announced last month, today expanded its online search function for the KBpedia knowledge graph. In addition to its initial reference concept search, you can now search KBpedia for any of Cognonto's 20 million entities in its standard configuration. This added capability is part of a continuing rollout of new functions and use cases for the Cognonto service.

"The huge scale of KBpedia can make it difficult to find entities or concepts of interest in the system," said Frédérick Giasson, Cognonto's CTO. "Our commitment to continued search improvements is one way we can help our clients understand what is already in the system," he said. "This understanding helps guide where we can supplement KBpedia with the enterprise's own data for its specific domain needs," Giasson added.

Besides the selection of either entity or concept search, each option also enables particular fields such as labels or definitions to be searched separately. Autocompletion also shows narrowed choices as the user enters queries or portions of queries. 

These search functions are but a portion of the overall discovery functionality provided for browsing and navigating the KBpedia knowledge graph. Separate documentation spells out the many ways the knowledge graph may be inspected.

About Cognonto

Cognonto (a portmanteau of 'cognition' and 'ontology') exploits large-scale knowledge bases and semantic technologies for machine learning, data interoperability and mapping, and fact and entity extraction and tagging. Cognonto LLC is privately held and is based in Coralville, Iowa, USA, with offices in Québec City, Québec, Canada.

Press Contact

Mike Bergman, Cognonto LLC